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3 - 2 - 1 POLO!!


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
3 - 2 - 1 BIKEPOLO

I don't know how much the interest is, but I certainly want to introduce Bike Polo as a viable form of having fun on two wheels. Bike Polo in Japan recently had its first birthday, ever since it was picked up by the locals at last years messenger world championship in Tokyo. It has grown a lot since those days with teams all over Japan and especially in Tokyo a friendly community of players.

Why it is getting popular is easy to understand, once you experienced the fun of hitting (mostly) a ball with a stick while riding:hammer:. It doesn't matter what bike you ride - if you are used to sitting in the saddle and can control a bike the challenge is just to learn how to wield the mallet and drive one-handed. Games are played 3vs3 or 2vs2 on two goals. Mostly everybody shoots his/her first goal during the first couple of matches and team-mates are generally forgiving, since everybody basically started yesterday!

Those of you knowing about Bike Polo overseas might be surprised, as it is not so physical or even dangerous. You might not bring your carbon race steed, but mechanical damage is really rare and more importantly there have been no serious human injuries whatsoever, even though protective gear apart from gloves is more exception than general rule. Most riders seem to favor MTBs or track bikes, but some ride BMX, road-bikes, folding bikes... Fixed gear or not also seems personal preference and the only thing that's advantageous is a gear ratio close or lower than 2.

In Tokyo the epicenter of Bike Polo is Komazawa-Park with regular games every Wednesday night from 9PM-11PM and a growing number of events on weekends. Newcomers are very welcome and mallets are shared, so anybody interested is encouraged to just drop by.
Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo is where all information is posted.

This upcoming weekend would be a chance to start your Bike Polo career with the event below:


We start Bike Polo School for Beginners at 1st Saturday in Yoyogi park (with W-BASE, CARNIVAL, and FTC, and 2nd Sunday in Komazawa park.

Come on! Join us and let's play bike polo!

1st Saturday
10:30 registration start@W-BASE, Shibuya, Tokyo.
11:00 start in Yoyogi park
14:00 finish

2nd Sunday
10:30 start in Komazawa park
13:30 finish

W-Base is a mostly BMX/Fixed Gear bike shop in Shibuya
Yoyogi park location is ~100m South of the basket ball courts, still within the park grounds.
Komazawa park location is below one of the big staircases, where Komazawa-dori takes a dip and cuts through the park.

I won't be playing this weekend, as I'm out of the country,
but hope to see you around soon,
I don't know, whether there is any interest for this sport among TCC members, but just in case. As with every first Saturday of the month, there will be another Polo Beginners' Practice, with a similar schedule as the one last time.

10:30 Gathering @W-BASE, Shibuya, Tokyo. Groupride to Yoyogi park
11:00 start in Yoyogi park
14:00 finish
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