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Ride 26 Mar 2022 - Zushi to Odawara and Back


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
I intend on testing out my legs, core, and overall fitness this Saturday with an Odawara out and back.
I expect I would be able to cruise at 30ish kph in my current shape. Anyone looking to do a B pace ride, I will be riding past the Zushi Red Lobster before 0600.
I can adjust a little bit if anyone else is interested in the ride.

I can slow down and possible speed up a bit depending on who has a desire to meet up.
I am not in any condition to hammer, but i am willing to test my body a bit as I have not ridden this distance since breaking my ribs a few weeks ago.
Wind was problematic early on.
300w required to do 24km on 134. :(
With wind in my face the whole 50k out, i surprisingly found a rhythm and felt good arriving to odawara. So good, i considered continuing to Hakone, but a look at the sky said I was pressing my luck.

Turned back and felt fine until the 80km mark and the fatigue was setting in. At the 85km mark, i considered backing off completely and soft pedaling. But everytime i tried, i felt guilty so i pressed on.

Rain hit as i was 800m from home. So timing was spot on.

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10-15m/s here, and gusty besides. Typhoon-like. Not as much rain as predicted, but maybe later.
I'm sorry for having let you down. I had to work until a little late and it was hard to wake up at 5. (and changing baby diapers twice during the night also didn't help)
It seems you had a good ride! I hope I can join next time.
no worries at all. Would have been nice sharing pulls, but also nice to not worry about slowing someone down.

I had a good time solo and look forward to whenever a rides works out we can meet up
Random note from today's ride...
Per the power meter, I am favoring my left leg by 10% over my right.
I usually am 3% or so higher on my right than my left, so this stood out as odd.
Being my right ribs are the ones hurt, I suppose it makes sense as my my right leg would affect the muscles on the right side causing discomfort.
On the bike, I didn't notice. I had no idea until I looked at the details just now on garmin connect.
Having spent a bit of time around people in an assisted living facility lately, I am motivated to try to avoid, to the greatest extent possible, ending up in one. Started looking at longevity info that addresses not only living longer, but maintaining health longer. Ran across data that says VO2 max is really important. Something like a 5x improvement in health if in the 'elite' category for your age group. I tend to exercise more in Z2 and not so much in Z4 or Z5, but looks like I'd better start trying to get more time in those zones.

(Sorry, Bloaker. Posted this in your thread instead of the March thread. Guess I'd better start doing some mental exercises as well.)
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