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25/26 Sept Norikura Century (LiveStrong event)

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Passing on a message about this event in September. Dan Junker is a great guy. NorthStar is a cool place to stay. If the weather is good, it should be fun (for those whose idea of fun is riding 100 miles in the mountains). The pass over Norikura is the highest road in Japan.

--HF Mike--

Greetings Everyone!

Thank you for your support of Norikura Century and NORTHSTAR. We have been getting emails requesting information and we will be updating our homepage in the next days. We are excited about the interest in this epic ride and are expecting a full lodge of guests and we might even be using other lodges to accommodate requests. We hope that you will help us send out the message about this special event!

The best way to start the process is to email us directly!

We hope to see you at NORIKURA CENTURY (Lance Armstrong Foundation).

Date September 25-26 *** Actual ride will be on 9/26 Sunday
Registration Fee 5000 yen (non-refundable donation to Lance Armstrong Foundation).
Event Fee 3000 yen
Lodging 7800 yen (includes dinner and breakfast) per adult (this year it will not be a package price) *If you want to stay at another lodge or just sign up for the event, that is possible. *Additional nights will be 10% off
Massage 3000 yen for 30 minutes. This is by reservation only and has limited numbers. If we get more than 3-4 people I will be able to call someone.
Additional Activities We have mountain bike tours available based upon requests only (up to 20 guests).

日程:2010年9月25日-26日 センチュリーライドは9月26日(日)
申込金 :5000円(返金はありません。このお金はランすアームストロング基金に寄付されます)
イベント参加費 :3000円
宿泊代 :7800円(大人1泊2食)*今年はパッケージ料金は作りません。イベントのみ参加で、他のロッジへ宿泊も可能です。
マッサージ :3000円(30分)最低催行人数3-4名。あらかじめの予約が必要です。

Please remember, this is for those with strong legs and strong hearts. You will need to be ready with appropriate cycling gear and attire! We are excited and hope to get the message out about this challenge!

Thank you for your support.

Dan Junker
NORTHSTAR: lodge and adventures
real adventure, real life
office: 0263.93.1688
fax: 0263.93.1699
mobile: 090.8326.6233
[email protected]

4306-7 Azumi
Nagano-Ken, 390-1513
Can't make it for this one but that place sure looks beautiful.
I'd love to do this event, but Im signed up for the Toyo tyres hillclimb the same weekend.
I'd love to do this event, but Im signed up for the Toyo tyres hillclimb the same weekend.

Yep, Toyo Tyres hillclimb! Me too andy. We'd better get in some training before then mate;)
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