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24 Jun - KoriTours Okutama LSD

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Weekend looks like a washout so HF Mike is taking a day off work on FRIDAY to get some hills in.

Will probably hit the Tamagawa by the Noborito Toilets at 07.15. From there I will go out along the river to Takao, and carry on over to the Kobu Tunnels, Kazahari, and back down the far side of Lake Okutama via Ome, back home.

(I call this route KoriTours because it's the last ride I did together with Kori. There were supposed to be more but sickness and then weather got in the way.)

I would welcome company, if anyone else wants to come.

I'm not going to be going fast up those hills. I will take breaks when I want to. And I don't talk much when I'm cycling.

Total distance: whatever it is
Total climb: quite a lot

o8o 34o3 o239
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