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24-5 January: Izu Tour


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
I am thinking of doing a little tour of the Izu peninsula next weekend.

This would be 70-90km on the first day, with the same distance on the second day.

The first day would be along the eastern coast and staying either in a camp site (so you would need to bring a tent and sleeping bag) or in a Ryokan further up the road - this is one I have found in the area). I am open minded towards both options, viewing one as having an adventurous charm, and the other warmth and some luxury.

On the second day, we would go up into the middle of Izu and head towards Shuzenji. I am open to suggestions on this route as well.

The provisional route can be found here:


If interested please let me know and I can then either book a place at a camp site or in the ryokan.


Sounds good....prefer the ryokan personally.....lots of atsukan too of course. If you are still planning to do this then I would be interested.


Hey guys I would tag along for stage 1 or at least a part of it if possible...Depends on the timetable:bike:
Balmy Izu


Looks brilliant - I'd love to come along but unfortunately I'm away the next couple of weekends. But if it somehow gets pushed back to the latter half of February, do let me know.

Camping, eh ? In January ?? Like it...


Sorry for the late response - was a bit busy with work.

I'm very tempted to heed Steve's words and leave this for another day. My knee has been playing up a bit lately: it hurt during and after the TCC/Positivo Espresso ride and it hurt again last night after I went ice skating in Akasaka. I think the cold may have something to do with it. In all, if I do ride I'll try to do it nearer home. I hope you chaps don't mind if we leave this for another day.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

Ice skating !

No wonder your knee hurts :p

You should stick to drinking beer - I have never has any problems with my knees from drinking beer (sauvignon blanc is also a tolerable substitute !).

Ok....well.....later then ?:D:D

Hey Lee,

Hope your knee heals up, and maybe try for the Izu thing again later in February ? Recovery-wise, I'd listen to Chazzer if I was you and in any case, what's a bloke from Lincolnshire doing ice-skating ? Have you no shame ??

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