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Race 2016 JCRC @ Gunma CSC - Oct 16th (Sunday)


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Oct 2, 2012
Race organized by Japan Cycle Racing Club (JCRC) and taking place at Gunma Cycle Sports Center on Sunday October 16th.
Gunma CSC is near Minakami, and the racing will be laps of this course. It is a 5-km circuit purpose built for cycle racing, and is a very good test of both cycling skills and cycling fitness. It also has about half the climbing of the Shuzenji circuit in Izu (Yay!).

Entries should open soon via Sports Entry. I think it's nice to have a cycling event where you are allowed to register fairly close to the actual event.

Many categories as shown below. SA is the quickest (starting earliest), through to X. Some non-point category races also start in the afternoon. And some kid's races too.
名称未設定 のコピー.jpg

Anyone can enter, you only need to register with JCRC to get an ID number. This just means sending them an email with your name, address, blood type, and emergency contact Harambe.

I'll be getting my arse kicked in SA class.
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Sep 20, 2012
Just to note I cannot enter this now due to a crash at my last race.
Ah, come on. Don't be a wuss. You'll be fine ;)

In all seriousness , how long are you going to be off the bike for? Need an op?


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Oct 2, 2012
@leicaman Not sure how long I'll be off. Surgery is not an urgent thing for this injury, though I probably need it to continue risking further injury at the pointy end of a peloton. Will see what the specialists say.


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Apr 8, 2008

I laughed at daddy as he left the minshiku by the lake in the cold and dark to climb the mountain to the cycle sports centre.

I rolled over and fell back to sleep. I was awoken by my Director Sportif (mummy) to the smell of a warm breakfast. The DS drove me up to the circuit where I was just in time to see daddy left for dead in the sprint. Haha!

I decided to ditch the racing bike that daddy bought and went with my usual bike as it has a basket which will come in useful if I find any acorns on the course. All the other kids were on Bianchis and the likes.

One boy was dressed in pink! And one show off even had 80mm rims! Haha!

Still, you've either done the training or you haven't!

The gears on my machine were messed up, I blame the mechanic (daddy), so I was stuck in third gear for the climb.

The front brake was dodgy too. Still any kid can slow down. It takes a wonderkid to go fast!

Disappointed it was only 3 laps.

Could've done 10!

3rd in the spring, 2nd in autumn, watch me win it next year!

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