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2015 RITTE kit. It's killer.


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
The new Ritte kit features an updated logo, new season colors and a simple midnight blue design that goes with everything. The kit is premium quality, made by Sommerville, with improvements over last year's already great kit. And it looks amazing.

Complete the 2015 Ritte bib & jersey set with a matching long sleeve jersey, light weight jacket and high-quality cotton cap. There's even a new ACE bottle. We suggest pre-ordering now. As always, this is a one-time design with very limited production.

Details → http://cyclism.jp/collections/ritte-wear

Note this will be delivered in January. Use your TCC10 code at checkout for 10% off.


Ritte Short Sleeve Jersey.png


  • Ritte Long Sleeve Jersey.png
    Ritte Long Sleeve Jersey.png
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  • Ritte Bib-shorts.png
    Ritte Bib-shorts.png
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  • Ritte Cap.png
    Ritte Cap.png
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  • Ritte Ace Bottle.png
    Ritte Ace Bottle.png
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