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2013 race season


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Just putting my 2013 race report together for our team meeting. This is the English template before I write it in Japanese. Not much of interest really but it might show up a few races you are interested in.


www. jyonnobitime.com/time

I had a good start to the year. 2 crashes in the middle of the season slowed me down a bit. But thanks to a summer of early morning “asaren”, I came back strong again for the last part of the season.
l JCRC Gunma CSC S class (60 km, 10 laps) I attacked the group to join a break away on the 8th lap. I thought the 9th was the last lap and sprinted for the win. But there was one more lap to go! Result: 4th.
l JBCF Gunma CSC E3 class (36 km, 6 laps) 200 starters. Like the last race, I attacked with 2 laps remaining (4th lap). I had a gap and rode the next lap solo but was caught on the hairpin on the 5th lap. Back in the main group for the last lap. Result: 22nd.
l Tokyo~Itoigawa (304 km). I look forward to this every year. I enjoyed riding with team mate Daito san from start to finish. My 5th win. Result: 1st (304 km, 8:49, 34.44 kmph)
l JBCF Tsugaike Hill Climb E3 class. I was aiming for 55, 56 minutes. It took me 60. It’s a disappointing time. But I rode as hard as I could – I think hill climbing requires lots of specific training, especially as I get older. Result: 31st. (60:30)
l Uchinada TTT, TT and RR. A crash in training the week before this race. To make it worse I brought down 3 friends with me. I’ve enjoyed this race in the past. But I wasn’t there physically or mentally this time. Dropped in the TTT, average in the TT. And off the back of the main group in the RR. I’ll be back for revenge this year! Result: TTT (8th, thank you!), TT (49th, 15:07 ), RR (62nd)
l JBCF Ishikawa RR. The first time to go to this race in a few years. I thought I had a chance of a good result in this one. 6km into the race, the fast descent. I was too far back. Rode into the back of a big crash. I thought I’d saved it. But I went over the barriers. Stitches in my leg. Result: DNF.
l Maze Enduro. The first time to have summer to train in a few years. Asaren every day gave me good form. A 3 man team with Daito san and Yanagi san. A great team effort. Result: 1st
l Jyonnobi 110 km marathon. Murayama san, Tazaki san and Team Fins! This is training. But you ride as hard as you can! Result: 3rd
l Yatsuo TT and RR. I was disappointed this was cancelled
l JBCF Gunma CSC (56 km, 9 laps) Caught on the wrong side of a crash on the 2nd lap. Too far back in the main group like at Ishikawa? Couldn’t rejoin the front group. 7 laps solo. Was happy with how fast I went. But couldn’t help thinking about what might have been… Result: 43rd
l Japan Cup. I go to this race for the atmosphere. A full lap in the lead group! My best result yet! Result: FAD
l Gunma CSC 5 h enduro. A two man team with Nishihiro san. From winter snow shoes to summer asaren – training partners. It’s great to race together. Even better to win! A great way to end the season! Result: 1st
2014 aims
My main goal is always Tokyo~Itoigawa. I also want to try to get a good result at Gunma CSC as this is a course which suits me. A few enduros too. I must be getting old!


Maximum Pace
Sep 6, 2014
Very interesting reading! I am waiting for race reports at the forum, it is so inspiring to read about goals, feelings in the race and sum-ups after. What decisions did I take and what was the out come. Good luck entering 2015 season


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2009
Hey, I did second two years ago. I hope I can get back in shape for next year!
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