For Sale 2013 Mavic Alpine Shoes 28.5cm, ¥10,000


Speeding Up
Apr 26, 2010
These are brand new Mavic Alpine cycling shoes, size 28.5cm. After the sole finally split on my Mavic Razors after six years of daily use, I ordered the same size of the Mavic Alpine for a more walkable shoe for use commuting and on cycling tours. Unfortunately, the 28.5 in the Alpine didn't fit me. The place I bought from doesn't take returns, so after buying a pair in 29, I have these 28.5's left over.

I put the left one on to check the size, and that's all the use they've seen. Never been used on the bike or outside. They're still in the shipping box, so I can mail them to you, or meet in central Tokyo to hand them over in person.

Mavic-Alpine.jpeg IMG_0670.JPG
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