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For Sale 2012 Ritte Bosberg 56cm - Campy Super Record


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008

Running a Ritte distributor means being on a new frame every year for promotion and customer test riding. Therefore, I am selling my personal 2012 Ritte Bosberg that was ridden for just one year. This bike was featured in Cycle Sports magazine in 2012.

The bike has been sitting for the past 14 months in my spare room. Only needs new cables, chain and bar tape to be as good as new.
  • 56cm top tube
  • Limited white color - I very much like these frame colors and graphics
  • Integrated seat post - two toppers included, or you can cut and use a regular seat post
  • Campagnolo Super Record (2010)
  • Compact crank, 175mm crank arms, 2 cassettes
  • Zipp aluminum stem - 110mm, blackout graphics
  • Zipp SLC2 carbon bars - compact drops, 42cm center-to-center, light and very stiff
  • Fizik Aliante saddle
  • MadFiber wheels - Campagnolo only, original run test wheels, 10,000km, ridden daily. 1,050g / pair. Light, aero and fast. 60mm front / 67mm rear. Extra (new) Campy specific brake pads included. CYCLISM was the Japanese distributor until MadFiber was bought-out and closed. There is absolutely no guarantee or replacement for these wheels due to the mileage and because the company no longer exists. New retail was $3000 USD.

Price: 175,000 yen or best offer.



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Maximum Pace
Nov 21, 2014
Someone will get a bargain here. If I could make use of it I'd be on this.


Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
That is a pretty serious deal for all that stuff. 175k to walk away with a bike like that is impressive.

About the wheels; these are Mad Fiber, which are made fully from carbon. They are not built using separate spokes, nipples and rims, and hubs like 'normal' wheels, but rather are essentially one piece units. As they are made of carbon, the component parts of the wheel will not stretch, and as there are no nipples, or anything adjustable at all, they will not go out of true in the same way a regular built set of wheels will.

You can bugger these by belting them as hard as you can, into curbs, etc., but apart from that, they are very difficult to ruin (until you wear the brake surfaces through, like every other carbo rim out there too).

Why am I posting this; well, the only thing that will die eventually, is the hub bearings and freebody internals (just like every other hub in the world ever). With this in mind, and the fact that like Danny said, Mad Fiber don't exist any more, and he can offer no warranty, I will offer my services here free of charge to whoever buys these (if you want, obviously). If, during the life of these, or as long as you have them, you need them checking, bearings changing, servicing, freebody checking, servicing, or whatever, then I will do that no problem. Just let me know. I have fancy tools, and I am obsessively thorough, so there you go.

Cheers and again, this is a great deal. If I wasn't such a 'compact' physique, I would buy this myself.


Maximum Pace
Oct 16, 2014
Tempted but a new bright white bike in my garage might just raise a few too many eyebrows. I have no valid reason to buy this but man if I was looking to upgrade. If this is off topic please delete @moderator.
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