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2012 PowerTap Pro Alloy Wheel


Maximum Pace
Jun 24, 2010
To all the people considering power measurement, there is a hot deal at the big UK online store that starts with W and sounds like the noise you expect from a bunch of high school girls in the purikura machine.

~6.8man, delivered, with the current 15-EXTRA voucher. :eek:

~7.6man for the 2013 version,

~5.9man, hub only

++customs, consumption tax, etc.

To me those seem like great prices for relatively accurate and consistent power measurement. YMMV

Disclosure: I have been using the 2012 version for almost a year, not affiliated with the company or distributor. As a USA Cycling Level 2 coach I do encourage the athletes I work with have some type of power measurement.
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