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2012 Olympic team funding


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
Well, following the success of the GB cycling team in the Beijing Olympics they've now been rewarded with extra money for their training. Today's Daily Telegraph reports that

The all-conquering cycling squad that won eight gold medals in Beijing has been rewarded with a £5m rise to almost £26.9m ...

Athletics only got one gold medal so they will suffer with their funding declining slightly on Beijing funding levels.

I suppose that in the current environment this funding is very welcome. I also wonder slightly how much competitor countries allocate to their cycling teams.

Unfortunately for Australia, not as much as you Brits will. :thumb1: Can't see us getting back on top in the near future.

Funny that you mention Australia, I've been reading a book recently (Heroes, Villians and Velodromes (Richard Moore)) about Chris Hoy that also explains the background for the changes that have taken place on the organisational front for British Cycling. Just when things started to become more serious as a result of lottery funding in the late 90s, Australia and France were pretty much the main competitors and victors over UK cyclists. However, possibly due to the changes that have been introduced, the last Olympics suggested that the balance had shifted pretty much in the favour of the UK these days.

I think it's very interesting how all this has been implemented, funded and organised as it is clearly a model for success - other countries must surely be looking at their own cycling programmes as they try to respond to the challenge.
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