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Sold! 2012 56cm Surly Disc Trucker ready for touring - ¥90,000


Speeding Up
Apr 26, 2010
2012 Surly Disc Trucker for sale with some extras/options. I have toured all over Japan with this bike and it has been rock solid with zero issues. I'm in the process of moving back to America though, and so the bike has to go. It is obviously a great touring bike, but it's also a great cargo bike, and has hauled a ton of stuff back from Costco over its lifetime. If you are living car free by choice or necessity, this is a great bike to have.

The drive train is stock as detailed here. I have changed the handlebars over to a touring bar setup, but I have the original bars, brake levers, and barend shifters and you can have those as well, allowing you to try both to see what you like. I also have an On-One Midge bar (with flared drops) that you can have to try as well.

You Get...
  • Durable Tubus racks (Logo and Duo), both front and back, allowing you to carry your load in several different configurations, depending on how much you have with you.
  • SKS Chromoplastic full length fenders front and rear help to keep you dry on wet days.
  • Shimano A530 pedals with a platform on one side and SPD clip on the other, so you can ride clipped in or in regular shoes.
  • A Frost River handlebar bag great for carrying items you want to access quickly, like your camera or snacks.
  • Two Lezyne bottle cages.
  • Three handlebar and control options: butterfly bars with mountain bike levers and shifters, or classic or flared drops with dropbar levers and barend shifters.
  • A Bontrager saddle. I haven't used it, and I imagine you'll want to put your own saddle on anyway, but it will get you home.
In addition, I have three seatposts you can choose from to help you get the best fit. A Thomson Elite with zero setback, a Deda Zero 100 with 20mm of setback, and a Velo Orange Grand Cru with 25mm of setback.

The bike shows basic wear and tear commensurate with the amount and type of riding it's seen, but everything is in excellent working condition. The front brake squeals, but that's a common problem with Avid BB7s and I have done everything I could to try to get rid of it. Perhaps you'll have more luck. I just returned from a short trip through Gumma and Nagano, and the bike performed perfectly, as it always has.

A new Disc Trucker with almost the same specs is over ¥200,000, and the Tubus racks retail for over ¥20,000 for the pair. The reason I'm asking for so little is because it could do with a thorough cleaning. I don't have the time either to do it myself or take it to a shop to have them do it. If there's no interest at this price I'll pay a shop to tidy it up and relist it at a price more appropriate to it's value, even if it means leaving it with friends to complete the sale after I go.

If you already have some basic camping gear, a simple set of panniers with this bike and you can easily tour all over Japan. Let me know if you have any questions. If there's no interest over the next week, I'll pull it down and make arrangements to have it cleaned up.


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Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
Man,nice bike,setup and price.
I have the same bike and rack and I paid a small fortune having my setup similar to yours.
I'm sure that will fly off the shelf,so to speak.
I hope your move back home goes well.
I always looked out for your posts on here since we have the same bikes.
Good luck with everything.


Speeding Up
Apr 26, 2010
Hey Forsbrook, thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed touring around Japan on this bike. It sold today and I was a bit sad to see it go.


Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
Hey Forsbrook, thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed touring around Japan on this bike. It sold today and I was a bit sad to see it go.
No problem.
I knew you wouldn't have a problem selling it.
I guess there will be one less surly cyclist on here now.
Take care and best wishes for the move home.
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