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2011 Tour de France Cycling Tour


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Sep 24, 2007
This is something that really interests me, especially as the tour will be celebrating the Alps next year. I'm very keen on going and staying here next summer and was wondering if anyone wants to join me if I decide to go? This town is 5 minutes from the base of Alp d'huez. It'd be great to have a TCC France training camp, and getting to watch the tour roll by and ride the L'Etape du Tour would be pretty cool:D They also have self catering cottages which would be a bit cheaper if we had at least 5 people.

Another option I'm thinking about is to miss the tour and go later in August for a week, perhaps even 2 and ride ride ride. They charge £365GBP / week including breakfast, afternoon pasta dish, guided riding. Dinner not included but they have some discoutns at local restaurants with average meals and one drink coming to 15 euros!

Anyone intersted?

http://www.tourdoisans.com/tour de france.asp
I would love to go, only I have no idea of my racing schedule for 2011 and where they want me.
In my case, it's my work schedule, so I can decide only some time next year...
I know there is a high possibilty that I will be in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence next year, when that will be I have no idea but if it matches up then I could just head up and meet you guys there.
We stayed in Bourg d' Oisans for the Alp De Huez TT in 2004. I remember calling up the town's tourist information a few months before the event and getting laughed at down the phone when I asked if there were any rooms available! So my advice is book early!

We camped down by the river in town for free in the end. It seems every town the tour visits has to set aside some land for this purpose due to the shear number of people following the race.

Bikes are definitely the way to go as the roads are gridlocked the day before and after the stage.

If I go, it would be the first time I've done anything like this (but it'd be a sweet way to celebrate my birthday!). Need some info: Anyone know the fees for the L'Etape du Tour? What about bikes--carry over or rent there?

I rode this year's Etape. The easiest, but not cheapest way to do it is by using a sports tour company such as Sports Tours International, Cyclomundo or Fuga. They have packages ranging from entry only all the way up to 4 star hotels with meals, support during the race (food/drink) and all transport to and from airports. They also offer to transport your bike from the UK but coming from Japan that service would be difficult to use.
You definitely want to take your own bike but it is a hassle. Get a hard bike case as the airline companies may throw it around. An added hassle is the bike cases do not fit into regular rent-a-cars (or taxis). Even with a wagon you will need to put the back seat down. Therefore you will need an SUV or van if you are going to travel that way.
People living in France merely need to get an application form from Velo Magazine and pay something like Euro 36 but that option is not open to you. A friend got an entry at the London Bike Show and paid about Euro100.
L'Etape is a hard ride (very hot this year with about 4300m of climbing) so you must have a bike you are comfortable with
Hello, its been a couple of months now since I left (I can hear you say we didnt notice), sorry I didnt get to say bye to everyone and organise a sayonara ride but all ideas of that went out the window due to the geographical incident earlier this year.

Did anyone maintain an interest in this thread, is anyone taking part in the Etape, or else watching the tour this year?

I'm hoping to complete the Modane-Alpe d'huez stage in a couple of weeks time, is anyone else going to be there?

Also, good luck to those taking part in the Transalp starting tomorrow!

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