For Sale 2011 Civia Bryant, 60cm, Frame & Forks. Versatile.


Speeding Up
Mar 3, 2009

I'm selling my Civia Bryant frame, 2011 that is a 60cm spec. Suits 6 to 6'4 individuals. I'm 6'5 and not had a problem with it. It is in great condition and I'm looking to sell both the frame and fork together.

Its a great commuting/touring base on which to build your desired spec, and then change your mind again if you desire. I say versatile because it comes with exchangeable dropouts so you can use either vertical, horizontal dropout orientated drive systems. As well as a frame break so you can also run a drive belt system if you desire.

Frame and fork ran me 80,000 yen. Asking for 40,000 yen.

I am considering selling some other parts from the build so if you see something in the pic you like just ask. But this specific auction is just for the frame and fork.

More info on the frame here:

Untitled by velotokyo, on Flickr
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