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200km +x at next Saturday


Feb 17, 2007
hello together

how has interest to do a nice little loop at saturday?
where to go would be the next question, but it should be possible
to find something nice.... (i would have some ideas)

e.g. yabitsu pass and yamanakako........

Hey Christoph

Sorry, but I won't be riding for the next 2 weekends.

Anyway, here's a course suggestion that I posted on "BigRing"s thread - After the Fuji run, we might get some more people in...
Wada-toge is really nasty!

Start at Hachioji, ride to Takao, climb Wada-toge, go down and then up to Kobu-tunnel. Ride down from there to the usual Okutama-climb start; go up then down, and then do Nokogiri-yama from Rte.411 before heading back to Hachioji?

I just checked the above course, and it's 125km, with 3,250m of climbing - From Hachioji back to Hachioji.
Might be interesting for a "Hachioji-loop" tour
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