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Sep 1, 2007
Quoting Edogawakikkoman from another thread, but...

1) March: Points race X 6 sprints in Shimofusa. Really shows if you've been training through the winter or not.
2) Tsukuba Circuit 8 hour enduro. (Golden Week). TCC needs to enter in this.
3-8) Nikkan SportsTour of Japan 5 race series:(JCRC) All of them if my work schedule doesn't interfere. (may miss the Miyakejima one).
9) Tour of Japan Tokyo stage. (May). (Nikkan Sports)
10) Omiya Keirin (August or September).
11) Seo Festival. (November)
12) Tokyo Enduro
13-15) Saitama Criteriums (JCRC)

What races/events does everyone have an eye on this year?

Last year, I had to cancel quite a few because of a series of aches and pains that began in April, but this year I hope to do more:

1. 100km in Motegi (next week)
2. Points race X 6 sprints in Shimofusa (scary, bad distance and course for me, but good training for #3)
3. Saitama TT (May)
4. Tsukuba if TCC is doing it as a team
5. Tour of Japan Tokyo stage
6. Giro de Hotaka? Saiko?
7. Hadn't realized that this race was in Narita: 第3回スポニチ・ブリヂストンサイクル杯ANCHOR祭, so might try it this year.
8. Hitachinaka
9. Seo Festival

I'll probably skip the Motegi Eco Classic this year, but it would be great if TCC could get a team or two going for the Tsukuba Enduro instead.

After reading TCC member accounts, I'd love to make it to either Sado or Okinawa too, and maybe a tour (Shikoku via ferry?).

So many rides, so little time...
Nice list, Pete, thanks. Good luck on the marathon.
I'm signed up for the Chiba Audax 200km brevet in March, and I'm hoping to do a 300 and maybe a 400 sometime this year.

Normally I join TCA's Arakawa century ride during Golden Week, but the Tsukuba Enduro sounds like a lot of fun!

How does the points race in Shimofusa work, anyhow?
Points race:
Usually there are 6 short races per division. You don't have to do them all but it helps if you want to win.
I can't remember the exact points but basically.
1st place gets 40 points. 2nd place gets 38 points, 3rd place gets 36 points.. I can't even remember if the increments are one or two.. but that is generally how it works.
If you get a first or a second or a 3rd you are probably going to be in contention for a win. You could come 5th 4 times and still win the whole division......or in the top 5 right through to the end of the day. There is about 45 minutes or 90 minutes between each race...so you have a chance to recuperate. Last year I went too hard in the 1st race and came 2nd and then had no energy left for the rest of the day. I almost got a podium though. I just needed to do well in one other of the races.

Some people have a rest and sit out a race and then go as hard as they can in the next one. Usually, the first one is the easiest or the last one as everybody is already burnt out. Luck of the draw. Everybody may think the same and go hard in the fist one or wait to the last race... Depends a lot on weather too. Did it once in pouring rain. Socks weighed a ton after race 2.

At the end of the day the person with the most points per division wins their division.

Great training. Easy to pull out and take it easy and wait for the next race. Good race experience. A chance to experiment with your confidence. I tried to break away last year and that was fun. Didn't last long but the pace was just too slow at the part of the race and I couldn't help myself.

Phil went in an easy level last year and I think it got him hooked on racing.

I've done it 3 times and I like the short distances and it is a good fitness indicator to see if you can do all six races. Usually I only last 4 races. Last year I did all 6. (I may have been better off resting the 5th and winning the 6th). Who knows. I switched bikes too for the last 2 races and I think that was a mistake too. Was all good experimenting and experience building.

Warm up, race, eat, drink, warm up, race....6 times...the day goes fast...
That sounds like a lot of fun, I'm definitely going to look into it this year.

Here's the location on Google Maps, since their PDF map was a bit hard to follow

Looking at their rules, one of the notes says that for any lap if you're more than 1'20" behind the leader, you're out of the race. Sounds harsh, but I guess that's not too hard to keep up with on such a short course unless you get a flat or pull a muscle.
Positivo Espresso Racing Schedule

Here is the first draft of the racing schedule of the Positivo Espresso Team for your info:

Which races to do in 2009? Here are some information and ideas


MAR 15 JCRC TDJ Kawagoe R [type: R/road, HC/hill climb, E/endurance, T/track] 15 km [distance or time/hrs], I [I/individual, T/team], B [Priority,M/must, A/highest, C/lowest] Comment

MAR/APR Shiofusa Point Race R ?km I B

APR 26 Mitsumine Hill Climb HC ?km I B new race, first time hold

APR 19 Kusatsu HC ?km I C Tom only

MAY Itoigawa Fast Run R 294km T M

MAY 24 TOJ Tokyo Stage R 21km I A

JUN Fuji Hill Climb HC 23km I A

JUN 28 JCRC TDJ Hitachi Naka R 21km I A

JUL Tsukuba Enduro E 8hrs T A

OCT Yokohama Stadium Enduro E 5hrs I/T B

OCT Motegi Enduro E 7hrs T B

OCT 04 JCRC Shiobara HC TT:7km/HC:19km I M The official team race of 2009

NOV 08 JCRC TDJ Saiko R 20km I/T A

NOV SEO Festival R ?km I C

DEC Tokyo Enduro E 4hrs T C

If I have the chance and can do some more training, I would like to do a track race also this year. Actually we trained already this year in front of a huge crowd.

The most important races for us these year are the Itoigawa Fast Run where we had such a splendid time last year and everybody loved our modest and charming performance.

And the Shiobara Hil Climb. To attend there was one of the best decisions in my life after taking route 20 down to Shimoda. But that is a different story.

I see the Fuji hill climb is in June.... Anyone know the exact date? I'm planning my next trip to Japan (I have a conference 7-13 June in Hokkaido) so I hope somehow I could work it in. I'll bring my good bike this time!

Itoaigawa Fast Run


I slightly edited the post to be sure that we will become invited again.


There are many Fuji Hill climbs, but the one we want to attend is the most famous one with the highest number of attendants (around 5.000). Last year it was hold on June 1st. I guess there should also some TCC posts available,
a Positivo Espresso race report is here:http://positivo-espresso.blogspot.com/2008/06/weekend-out-there.html

Here is the link from last year : http://www.fujihc.jp/

This event is very popular. One must closely watch when the registration starts, and then register within three days or so. Seriously.

By the way, I just came back from my first race of the year:

Seven hours team endurance race at Fuji Speedways with 962 teams attending - unfortunately on Mama-Chari [=shopping bikes]. I never saw so many people walking up the slopes in a race. It took me between 10 and 11 minutes to complete one lap - compared to 7 to 8 minutes on a a road bike.

Will blog later.
Gotcha !

Much appreciated:thumb:..will delete my post now.
Can't wait to read about your (mama)chari of fire race!


I slightly edited the post to be sure that we will become invited again.
From a friend's blog.

3/11 JCRC第1戦兼ツールドジャパン第1戦川越stage
3/21 ◎JCRC第2戦修善寺
4/11 もてぎサイクルモードエコクラシック(ロードレース)
4/18 ◎JCRC第3戦群馬CSC
4/19 ツールド草津
4/19 ツールド八ヶ岳
4/25 BRM400kmアタック蓼科
4/26 JCRC?三峰ヒルクライム
4/26? Bikenavi表富士自転車登山競争(スカイライン)
5/ 3 ◎筑波8時間耐久
5/16 尾瀬檜枝岐ヒルクライム(TT)
5/17 尾瀬檜枝岐ヒルクライム(マスド)
5/17? しらびそ高原ヒルクライム
5/17 佐渡ロングライド210km
5/17 ツールド奥武蔵
5/30? ヒルクライムinおんたけ
6/1? SDA王滝100km(MTB)
6/1? 乗鞍スカイラインヒルクライム
6/6,7 BRM600kmアタック会津
6/ 7 Mt富士ヒルクライム(スバルライン)
6/ 7 ツールド宮古島
6/13,14 JCRC第4戦兼ツールドジャパン第2戦三宅島stage
6/28 ツールド美ヶ原
7/ 4 BRM400kmスーパーアタック奥志賀
7/19 JCRC第6戦群馬CSC
7/25? Mt鳥海(TT)
7/26? Mt鳥海(ヒルクライム)
8/ 2 ぐるっと○ごと栄村100km
8/1,2 枝折峠ヒルクライム
8/23 JCRC第7戦修善寺
9/6 秩父宮杯ロードレース
10/3,4 JCRC第8戦スポニチ塩原温泉ヒルクライム
10/18 ◎JCRC第9戦アートスポーツ杯100Km群馬CSC
10/25 JCRC第10戦兼ツールドジャパン第4戦四日市stage
Cycle Mode Eco Classic April 11 & 12.

A great event for the cycling fan--lots of races and rides to choose from (including duathlons & MTB races), as well as distributor booths where you can test ride bikes (without the line-ups of Makuhari).

Did a couple of the races last year, but regretfully skipping it this time. I think zenbiker is going up for the road race.
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