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2008 Mt. Fuji Ecocycling & JCN One Day Tour - Tokyo to Mt. Fuji


Jul 5, 2008
On Sunday, September 7th, Mt. Fuji Ecocyling will be held. In connection with this event, Japan Cycling Navigator offers an optional tour to cycle from Tokyo to Fuji on Saturday, September 6th, the preceding day. This is a result of the collaboration between the Foundation of Japan Cycling Association, one of the organizers of the Mt. Fuji Ecocycling event, and JCN. We'll take you from Tokyo to the foot of Mt. Fuji on the safer route that we chose for this event. Once you get out of the metropolitan area, you will be less annoyed by the traffic and will enjoy beautiful scenery. A support car will be available so that you can travel light while you ride your bike. The "JCN One Day Tour - Tokyo to Mt. Fuji" - nicely complements "Mt. Fuji Ecocycling" to make your expedition even more ecological.

For details,
20-km course

It sounds like a great tour but I'm afraid I'm just a beginner and might not be able to do 117-km in a day. :eek:

It would be way cool to see Fujisan from all sides but the 20-km tour sounds more like my pace. Could you tell me more about the shorter tour, I couldn't find much about it on the website?
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