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2 Giant OCR 3's for sale: 465mm and 500mm


Nov 5, 2006
Selling our Giants. They have been great bikes. Sarah is getting a more women specific bike, and I am going to move up to a carbon bike :cool: Also, the 500mm ended up being a bit small for me (see the seat height) but it's hard to find a frame for my long legged self in Japan.

the 465mm is light blue and white and in NEW condition. :eek: (only been taken out on a few light rides)

the 500mm is mine, and is dark blue and silver and has a few nicks and scratches (I ride to work everyday and the guy likes to move my bike around on me!)

Comes with a rinko and the GIANT saddle and platform pedals (the 500mm comes with toe clips and straps, too)
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