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2-day trip to Fuji


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Jun 13, 2007
Hi, All! How are you?

If you have the luxury to spend both week-ends (Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th) on your bike, sweating and suffering then you might be interested in this ride!

It's an idea I've been pregnant with for about 2 month :) And now is its chance to see the light. The highlight of the ride is the climb to mt. Fuji's 5th station starting from Shin-Fuji st. The climb, which is 35 km long at 6%, will make you beg for mercy at the end (if you reach it).

Day 1 - Ride out from Tokyo to Shin-Fuji st. (shinkansen station):
(if starting from Eda st. - it's 140 km long)

- stop for a night at a hotel or minshuku

Day2 - Climb Mt. Fuji, ride back to Tokyo

- climb mt. Fuji from almost sea level to the 5th station:

- descend to route 23 - Yamanaka-ko - route 139 - downhill on route 35 (along 413) - Hashimoto st. - Tamagawa cycling road - home

Meeting times and places:

23rd Aug, 9.00 - Eda st.
23rd Aug, 10.20 - Hashimoto st.

- you can also join the ride on the 2nd day (climb to mt. Fuji), if you go by shinkansen to Shin-Fuji st.:
24th Aug, 8.00 - Shin-Fuji st.

- Thomas
- Sergey

Are you up for Fuji challenge?
Sounds like

a really er......good idea !

Cannot be out on the bike until Sept though guys as family is in town. After that if there is a re-run then Iwould be up for it.

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