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Half Fast 1st Jan: Around the Yamanote

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Each January first it is our tradition to ride around the Yamanote loop, stopping twice for grub and beer.
  • Stop peeling those mikan.
  • Recover from the night before.
  • There are only 365 days (sigh) to go riding in 2015.
  • So let's start the New Year off right with a ride around the Yamanote!
  • Ride through some parts of town we usually don't visit.
This year the forecast is promising: currently the Met Office is predicting 20% chance of rain with a high about 9 degrease - same as last year!

Meet Jan 1, of course, 9:15 at Ebisu Station. Leave at 9:30 promptly (to be sure of timely arrival at our lunch place)

Place: the koban/bottom of the escalator from ATRE

Lunch in Nippori, with beer. Less than 2000 yen.

Second beer stop, with sausages. Beer Station Ebisu, in Ebisu Garden Place. Another 1500 yen or so

We aim to be back at Ebisu by 16:00.

Bring: Warm clothes, water bottle, helmet, pump, spare tube and your bike. If you think you might want to quit early, bring your bike bag. Although less than 50 km, it is still an intermediate level ride. Will be cancelled in the event of rainy weather!!

Your illustrious leader will be Brian: Write if you have questions or need reassurance: briankimikoaki at nifty.com

Motivation: Here are videos from rides passim [2013] & [2009 (asscam)]
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