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For Sale 1969 Schwinn Paramount tandem


Aug 14, 2013
After 10 years stumping around the Tohoku area it is time to leave Japan :'( I'm looking at what I have and what I don't really need so I figure even if my company is willing to move it, If somebody wants any of the items I'll be posting in the next few weeks please let me know.

Today for your shopping pleasure is an ultra rare first year of production 1969 Schwinn Paramount tandem. Way back when Schwinn was an American company they were the manufacturers of fine racing hand made machines in their Paramount line. Prior to 1969 they build a few tandems for the U.S. Olympic team but this was their first model build for regular consumers. I recently had it powder coated the beautiful baby blue color you see here. It has a few careless marks but it is otherwise in pristine condition.

Your call which way you would take this baby. You could get the decals and proper parts to restore it back to its former glory, or you could outfit it with modern components, or heck, build it up as a loaded touring tandem. I would not do that last bit on the vintage Campy hubs it has right now... It has campy hubs, campy pedals, specialite TA drivetrain, correct rear derailler, brooks saddles but the rear one is cracked, correct MAFAC brakes (I would want something with more power like the Dia Compe touring set) and a host of other parts that I would be happy to inventory if somebody is interested on this bike. I had it painted, build it up, took it on a few trips with my girls, but we ended up not using it as much so I never finished with the full restoration.

The price is 220,000 yen (did I mention that the first year of production is very rare?). This is as unique as it gets. Actually I have a 1946 Paramount track bike frame that is also pretty darn unique but that's for another day...


Front seat from center of bottom bracket to top is 22 1/2 inches or 57mm. The rear is 19" or 48.25cm.This may sound tall but it isn't, most bike measurements are to the center of the top tube but this one doesn't have a top tube on the back and the front tube is rather tall, so I measure it to the top.

2016-03-20 16.21.18.jpg

2016-03-20 16.21.18.jpg 2016-03-20 16.21.24.jpg 2016-03-20 16.21.36.jpg 2016-03-20 16.21.46.jpg 2016-03-20 16.21.46.jpg 2016-03-20 16.21.51.jpg 2016-03-20 16.22.00.jpg 2016-03-20 16.22.11.jpg
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