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Maximum Pace
Nov 10, 2009
After having a bike fitting, I was recommended to relplace my current 175mm crankset with a 180mm one.

I currently use a FSA carbon 175mm. Does anybody know where / how I can get a hold of 180mm crank arms?

Or alternatively, can anyone recommend a decent 180mm 9s crankset within a reasonable budget?

I searched several auction sites for a deal, but it seems that this size is difficult to find:(

The reason you won't find the FSA in 180mm is because they don't make one and neither does Shimano or Campagnolo!

To be honest I think there is no such thing as a 180mm cranksets for road bikes.
I also doubt you really need one, given your body and frame sizes...

Also wonder that even if one existed, whether you wouldn't get too close to the front wheel or the ground while pedalling in tighter curves. Not sure it would be safe.
Yair.... who told you that you needed a 180mm crank? Im a little concerned as they are used in the MTB and BMX world to get some serious torc for hill climbing or acceleration for BMX's

I suggest that if you are concerned about sizing and fit of your Trek go to a proper fitting studio or Y's that also offer a fitting service. It will cost you to have this done but they will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

I've actually found a Dura Ace 180mm crank: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/naturum/545725/

So they are out there, just not listed on the websites.
FarEast, Ludwig,

Thanks for your advice.

At the bike fitting, I was told that originally I should have gotten a bigger frame (currently Trek 2.1 size 56 - my height is 183cm):mad:, and in order to refrain from purchasing a new frame and somehow "compensate" for it, I should change to a 180mm crankset + change the stem from 110mm to 130mm (which I already did).
Actually, I had the fitting in Shinjuku Y's road shop, and their diagnosis was confirmed by a Trek concept shop (Tama center).
Not sure, though, how critical it is, in terms of cost - effectiveness.
Doesn't Thomas ride 180 mm cranks?

According to some fit systems I should be on 180 mm+ cranks, but never really considered switching...
I'm 182cm and have 175mm crank with a 56 frame. When I had my fitting (after I'd purchased the bike) by hiro Aoyama no mention was made about the length of my cranks. The primary consideration was my seat height. 180mm on a sharp corner does sound a bit dicey.
As far as I have seen, even bikes with a frame size of 64 get sold with a crank size of 175 as standard.
Doesn't Thomas ride 180 mm cranks?

He does indeed - he`s got a pair of DA 180`s that I sold him! I thought of switching to 180 and ordered the shimanos, rode them a few times and couldn`t notice a bit of difference (all my other bikes are 175). So I decided to just stick with 175 for all my bikes. I`m 188cm but apparently it`s more an issue of femur length versus tibia/fibia or something.... I`m pretty sure there are a few options for 180 cranks: when I was looking I had shimano and campy options...
As Ludwing and Wolfman mentioned, it's a bit risky to turn sharp corner with 180mm crank. In terms of cadence also it is rather difficult to maintain high beat compared with shorter cranks.
But how do I know? Because I use SHIMANO of this size. :(
183cm here - I ride 172.5 and 175 cranks on my roadbikes. The 175 feels like I have more torque, but I'm pretty sure its more in my head.

You can get 180mm dura ace cranks. I bought mine on ebay a few years ago. Good for hill climbs I think. I was recommended them as I am a tall rider (190cm) You have to just take the usual precautions when cornering (pedal up!). When I first rode them on the Gunma CSC circuit I remember having a scary scrape on the first lap....

This year I'll be using an FSA compact for hill climb races so I can't use the long crank arms. I actually find it harder to get the cadence up on the FSA compact but I think that is more to do with the size of the chain ring than the crank arms.

I believe Tom Boonen rides 180s and if the team supplier doesn't make them he sticks on his own and paints them! Anyone remember Alan Ball's white football boots?

Happy riding!
Thanks. I am now even more confused...:confused:

Crank length arguments are about as divisive, inconclusive, and bereft of scientific data as I've seen in this sport, and as anyone knows who follows road cycling forums, that is really saying something. :D
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