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17th Nov (Mon) Ome - Kosuge - Ome: 93Km, ~5hrs


Nov 11, 2008
Anyone interested in joining an unofficial tour tomorrow as follows:

17th Nov (Mon) Ome - Kosuge - Ome: 93Km, 4~5hrs + any stoppage time.

May lengthen to 105km by taking in Tabayama, or returning by Tomin-no-mori instead.

Kosuge1: Ome - Kobu Tunnel, Route 18, Shirasawa shortcut, Okutama, Ome.
rough map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UT...,0.411301&z=11.
meeting place: Itsukaichi station @ 9am (or Ome @ 8:20am)

see https://tokyocycle.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=1084 for original thread

so far, participants: Denis, alangeiger

I'd love to join you on this one however I have to work tomorrow. Yes, Philip, sometimes I do work:D Just thought I'd better pop that in before he replies. Hope we can hook up for a ride soon though mate. Have a good one:bike:
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