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100 miles along the Tama


Oct 5, 2008
I will be in Japan in a few weeks. My wife will be busy with her friends and business leaving me to cycle.
Anyhow, I have been building up to completing a 100 mile ride.
My 100 klm atempt saw me nearly fail because of too little nutrition ( if you want to have a read it is on http://newownboss.blogspot.com ).
The route I have worked out involves back and forth on the Tamagawa a few times. I know it can get pretty busy so I will aim for midweek.
However, anybody know about interesting diversions off the Tama.
I don't want to wander too far from the river as I fear I could get lost.
I'll be starting in Chofu. Any tips or advice would be great.
Going towards Haneda, the key is knowing which side of the river to be on (ie, which bridges to cross). I always get this wrong! ~ so I hope wiser souls can tell you about this.

Going the other way, stay on the Chofu side, until the path runs out.
Don't feel too scared to get lost either. Always more fun that way.
You could try and find your way to Tokyo Disneyland and do a lap around there before heading back home.

All the main roads around Tokyo Bay are linked with cycling paths.
anybody know about interesting diversions off the Tama.

Hello robtsa,

Here's a route that will take you from Chofu to the hills on the Western fringe of Tokyo. It follows cycling paths along rivers all the way to Takao, from whence you can follow Route 20 to the top of Odarumi pass -- a relatively mild climb where you can reward yourself with a bowl of ramen at the top and a great view of Mt. Fuji (don't forget to refill your water bottle with the natural springwater there -- it's said to have healing properties).

This was my first introduction to the hills of Tokyo and is probably the fastest way to the mountains.

The route first follows the Tamagawa, then the Asakawa, then finally the Minami-Asakawa. There are a couple points where you have to cross bridges to stay on the path, so it's probably a good idea to bring a printout of the route (and maybe more detailed printouts of the bridge crossings) to make sure you don't lose your way.

If you're feeling really adventurous, you can extend this route to include another climb -- over the steeper Wada Pass -- and loop back to the cycling path along the Minami-Asakawa. Here's the map to that ride.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the routes, etc.

Happy exploring!

Thumbs up for both of Deej's routes.

You'll find the Asakawa, and then the Minami-Asakawa, becomes steadily more 'genteel' than the Tamagawa ~ with narrower paths, and a lot of old folks taking a constitutional. Surely take a print-out of those rivers, as it is quite easy to take a wrong turning.

If you are not a regular hill climber, you might find the Wada climb knocks the stuffing out of you ~ it certainly did that to me, but that could be because I approached it from the east, rather than the west, as on Deej's map. There's a fair bit of construction being done on the descent (on Deej's route) from Wada, so take care on the slippery metal plates laid out on the road. On that loop back to Takao you'll pass through some very funky old (and a little decrepit) villages. I recommend taking that part slow, and enjoy the quirky old buildings, street signs & amazing heaps of rusting trash!

Oh, and watch out for the evil crow, with a broken wing, that lives at Wada pass. It had me in its sights, and managed a few pecks ...
Thanks for the route maps. I will aim for Mount Takao along the rivers as you suggest.
I might skip the more challenging climbs and head back to the Tamagawa.
Can I follow the Tamagawa all the way to the sea?
Thanks for the warning about the cranky crow. You must have a (nick) name for him / her? I doubt I will make it to the Wada pass. Too many hills and I woundn't manage the 100 miles I'm sure.
If you see a chap wearing a bright orange sleeved shirt on a red Giant Upland in a couple of weeks in the Chofu area it may just be me.
All the best and once again thanks for the tips etc
I didn't know that. Dat's good news! Is there a map, or anything online, with more info about these paths?

I just stumbled onto one coming back from Ariake once... took me to Edoriver...

I don't know exactly how they all link...It's a bit tricky getting from Oi to Ariake I think... but by the busy roads, the walking/cycling paths are pretty wide. Some of them go over intersections...up stairs/paths etc but it was pretty painless to get back home for me once.
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