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1 appointments for fit available TOMORROW (9/6 Sunday)


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009

I'm in Tokyo now and have an opening for one bike fit tomorrow at 12:00.

Cost is normally 30000 Yen but I am offering a discount of 5000 yen to TCC members.

Check out my website and message me if you are interested in becoming one with your bike!
My website is www.cyclefitjapan.com

On a personal note, I've been working towards opening a small bike shop with a cafe with my wife. Still ways off, but my wife is all in and thats BIG. I also did a sprint triathlon today. It was fun and I didn't injure myself so I will give a half Ironman distance a try next month. Good training for cyclocross and it also gives me a better understanding of a large portion of my client base. I've been taught and studied extensively on tri fit, but without 1st hand knowledge I always felt a little off providing the service. Now I want to do an Extera some crazy multi sport challenge involving bikes and endurance. Next year I want to be in top shape for the JBCF road season, my ultimate goal being several Crits.


Let me know if you want a fit or just drop a line below with some good vibes. They really mean allot and its been a pleasure working with all of you.

Thank You for your support!

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