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Nov 4, 2006
Wow! It's been a year already.
And I've heard from quite a few people who've expressed interest in the latest set of Kusatsu-Training "KT" rides for this year.

Last year, we "went by the book"… as a matter of fact, it was the "Lance Armstrong, Chris Carmichael" training book – In which it says; "Train for a specific race!"

Now with the Kusatsu race being a short 13km hill-climb, with an average of 6.5%, the basic training over an 8 week period went as follows:
The first few weeks were long-ish rides (160-200km) to build up cardio-vascular "CV" strength, with at least one or two easy climbs along the way. The idea was to go as fast as possible, but also to save as much energy for the return trip.

The middle rides were shorter, with longer, harder climbs to develop climbing style, cadence, rhythm, and to get a feel for each person's heart-rate on each climb.

Mikuni-Toge is also a favourite for training as it has much steeper sections, and the loop from Odawara is an even 100km, which makes it ideal.

O-Toge, was a preliminary test-run! The race we are training for is: 13km/6.5%.
O-Toge is: 16km/8%.

If you can do O-Toge… Kusatsu is a piece o' cake!

The Mikuni-Toge "Atsugi-loop" – 150km (LONG & STEEP)!

One last O-Toge "time-trial" re-run was perfect to check our collective improvements over the last few weeks.

The idea for these training rides is to start off with long rides to build up heart (CV) stamina, and then gradually increase the steepness of the hills to build up the leg muscles that are used in climbing, while at the same time, reducing the distance of the ride to a distance specific for the race at hand.


I reckon "'09KT1" will be Phil's Chiba ride! (Either this week, or next).

'09KT2, I think will be back up in the hills of "Atami" – where we can stop for pizza at Gus Duncan's favourite place – Just down from Hakone-Toge! We'll start from Odawara, or ride out there from Tokyo.

'09KT3' will probably be Deej's "Okumusashi" – steep climb!
After that, I would like to ask TOM for suggestions for anything do-able west of Takao!

>TOM: Do you have any ideas?


Will post after "Chiba/Sakura" for "'09KT2".

KT Series

OK, here is my plan for the KT series this year:

This will be a series of rides, progressively getting harder over a 4 week period. After week 4 we will drop the intensity a bit, and weeks 5 through to race day on week 8 we'll be working up through harder, faster rides. The default day will be Saturday, as that seems to fit in best with most people's schedules. However, the weather may force us to ride on some Sundays instead.

I'm planning to be at all of these rides, and if I'm not going to be able to make it, I'll try to get one of TCC's Peloton Leaders / Senior Bikers to look after the group for that day.

KT4: Saturday, 7 March 2009. Miura Peninsula re-run (weather's looking rubbish all week, so no mountains). High intensity. 115 km from Yokohama Station. Easy 30 k from central Tokyo and/or back to central Tokyo for those that want more.

KT5: Saturday, 14th March 2009. Western Mountains (KT3 2009 Attempt 2). Musashi-Itsukaitchi; Wadatoge, Tominomori. Approx 120km, with climbing. This is the ride I planned to do last Sunday.

KT6: Saturday, 21st March 2009. South Boso Peninsula. Phil has graciously agreed to lead this ride. Moderate intensity, rolling hills, probably around 140 km.

KT7: Saturday, 28th March 2009. Odawara loop. 100km. Includes the infamous Mikune-toge ascent.
KT7a: Sunday, 29th March 2009. Early morning intervals on the Arakawa bike path. Details to follow.

KT8: Saturday, 4th April 2009. Okumusashi Madness. Having missed all the fun of this ride last year I really want to hit these hills. 130 km.

KT9: Saturday, 11th April 2009. Al's Takao Back Road Blitz. Only 75 km from Takao station, but this ride is intended to help with speed and strength. My Wadatoge (west) record will be up for grabs!

RACE DAY: 19th April 2009. 'Nuff said.

This series is not meant in any way to monopolise TCC and I'm open to suggestions for alternative rides as long as they fit in with the overall approach.

I'm excited about this race already!
Thank you Alan for organizing the series! You put together a very useful program. Sundays are more convenient for me but anyways, I will try to attend as many times as I can. Me too, desparate to hit the hills...time for half an hour on the HT now...how I hate to wipe up all the sweat afterwards though.
Hi, Alan,
Thanks for making this great menu - hope to join you on these rides, but maybe not the last week or two (I might go back to Belarus at that time, not sure yet).

Also, as Travis noted - O-toge climb is a perfect rehearsal, so good that you might want to make it "official". I plan to do it before the race, anyway.
Looks 美味しい indeed, cheers to our head coach! :happy:

Whatever happened to KT3-09? Did you ride last weekend?
Dates on the calendar circled

Looking forward to these rides!
Hi, Alan,
Thanks for making this great menu - hope to join you on these rides, but maybe not the last week or two (I might go back to Belarus at that time, not sure yet).

Also, as Travis noted - O-toge climb is a perfect rehearsal, so good that you might want to make it "official". I plan to do it before the race, anyway.

Good point. I'll try to work it into the programme. There's a public holiday on 20th March which might be suitable for this ride.
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