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道志の森 Doshi Forest

Phil Harris

Speeding Up
Nov 9, 2006
Looks like I can do another bike trip next week. I`ve decided on route 413 and staying at a campsite (link below). I am flexible as to the day, but would prefer Tuesday-Thursday for a departure date (should anyone be interested). Weather will be a determining factor.

Intended route (early departure):
Route 40 to 467; 467 to 246 to Isehara 伊勢原
At Isehara, take route 64 to north of lake 宮ヶ瀬 and on to route 413 at 津久井。 The campsite at which I`m planning to stay is about 20kms down the route or roughly 10kms northeast of lake Yamanaka.

Anyone interested? Looks like a scenic ride without tough climbs like Okutama, but there are a few toge that will make it a bit more than a joyride. Has anyone biked on this route?
Hi Phil . . .

I rode a similar route two weekends ago:

I followed R246 from Tokyo (past R64) to R70 and over Yabitsu Pass which brings you back to the lake. I have ridden R64 from R246 to the lake previously - its nice but not particularly interesting or challenging. Yabitsu pass (R70) is in my opinion a significantly better route - the roll down to the lake from the pass is beautiful. The initial 11km climb is tough.

After the lake I followed R64 through to R413. This is a nice, leafy road through the countryside. Keep an eye open for the left turn R64 makes at traffic lights in a small village.

I then did a loop heading north across R413 on R518 (steep) > R517 (great cycling) > R35 (small postal road that runs parallel to R413) > R139 > R24 (challenging climb) > R413.

I am guessing where I rejoined R413 just North-East of Yamanakako is close to your campsite location. It is a beautiful area. Remember Yamanakako sits at around 1,000 meters above sea level. This makes coming down R413 a thrill ride - it is downhill most of the way. Previously I have ridden up R413 - it is a long unrelenting climb :D but the scenery is fantastic!

If you get the chance on day two I recommend coming back via R35!

Time-wise I managed the loop from Tokyo and back in 10 hours. I envy you having 2-days for the ride. That should give you lots of time to enjoy the route at a more leisurely place.

Good luck,

Great Tips

VMT for the great tips; I'll probably hit the road 0600 tomorrow depending on weather forecast.
道志の森 Ride Complete

Day 1
Hit the road at 0700 yesterday; took route 40 to 467 then 246. As traffic on route 246 was terrible - bumper to bumper with some trucks moving left so I couldn`t pass them - when I came across route 412 to Tsukui津久井, I decided to take it and get on route 413 at Aoyama青山. Traffic was much better. The climb was long but not steep. From Aoyama to Doushi no Mori was 28kms in the winding valley some climbs but none too challenging. I was a bit more loaded down than normal: tent, back pack, cargo pack. The added weight did make the ride a little more tiring than had I the cargo pack only. I decided to bring a few things to make the camping less uncomfortable then previous trips. Arrived at Doushinomori and set up camp. The place was quite lovely alongside a stream. I took a short dip in the stream that was quite refreshing. Several Kirins, Sapporos, and Asahis made the lack of comfort irrelevent.:beer1:
Day 2
Hit the road a little late (0930) and proceeded to Yamanakako (山中湖) which was 19KM from my campsite....and continuously uphill. The added weight of the tent and back pack I felt on this part of the trip. After briefly checking out the lake, I continued on route 413 to 138 at the southern part of the lake. There was a brief climb to Kagosaka pass 籠坂峠(1104 metres above sea level) after which it was delightfully downhill for a couple hours!:happy1: I stopped at a konbini and takubin`d the tent and back pack as well as other items not needed. I turned onto route 246 at Kumizawa until after Atsugi, then route 40 home.

I`m glad I broke this ride up into two days!:thumb: However, :pray:the Chama tells me my summer vacation is over:(
However, :pray:the Chama tells me my summer vacation is over:(

Least you had one, eh? Thanks for the tips on my Coast to Coast thread, looks like the ride is postponed until next Tuesday. :mad:

Better late than never though. :)
[ However, :pray:the Chama tells me my summer vacation is over:([/QUOTE]

All hail the Chama! The Chama rules!:mad:
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