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日本海へ - To the Sea of Japan

Phil Harris

Speeding Up
Nov 9, 2006
Seems my Golden Week holiday will begin a little early (didn`t have much of a New Year`s Holiday)....so where to go? I`ve been along the Honshu coast from Misawa to Wakayama, so why not up and over the spine of Japan?:eek:uch:

Has anyone traveled from the Kanto Plain to the Sea of Japan? Does anyone know of a route not too prolifically mountainous?

Other options are a ferry trip to Tokushima and a lap around Shikoku. I`ve got a day to research and ponder. Departure date Thursday-Friday; I`ll bring the trusty tent.


One fairly flat route follows the Arakawa to just short of Takasaki, then slips over
the mountains to the valley of the Chikamu River. If you go to www.bikely.com
and search for "c2c" in Japan, you will find this route piecemeal -- divided into
three rides (or days) of about 100-150k each.
Shikoku Lap

I`ve decided to head south to Shikoku vice slugging it through the mountain passes to the Sea of Japan.

Saturday, I`ll embark this ferry for Tokushima; from the 27th to the 3rd I`ll do a clockwise lap around Shikoku. I wanted to depart on Friday but they`re booked.

四国一周 - Lap Around Shikoku

Bike loaded for departure tomorrow. I`ll have to keep a daily objective of over 100KMs per day.
Have a good ride, Phil. Love how you planned and packed a camping tour in what, two days? Was thinking of a trip to Shikoku at some point, so I'll be watching for pics etc with interest...

Many thanks Phil.

Looking at Google Earth, Shikoku`s west side from Sukumo to Matsuyama is gonna be a butt kicker! Hope to do it in a day:bike::eek:uch:

To do this lap in the time I have, some hanto are going to be cut. When I reach the Shimanto Gawa (四万十川) I`ll take route 56 overland to Sukumo.
From Matsuyama, I`ll skip Imabari and hit a valley I noticed on Google Earth that contains the Yoshino River and follow that to Tokushima. Must be there by 03 May.

Hello everyone - I`m having a good time here in Kochi - decided to stay an extra day an check out local sights. My schedule has changed a bit; I`m pondering a run back to Tokushima inland vice lapping the island.

Had one flat tire just north of Muroto Misaki, otherwise uneventful and pleasant. My decision not to lap the island pretty much based on not wanting Golden Week to become Hell Week;)
Back From Trip

Got back today. Ended up doing about a quarter lap around Shikoku returning to Tokushima via Oboke-Koboke canyons and along the Yoshino river.
Welcome back, Phil! Glad you had a safe journey.

I was just checking out that ferry link and it looks like a really good way to get down to Shikoku. Bike to port, sleep on ferry, bike around Shikoku. Did you take the "casual" ferry or the "standard"? Did you sleep in a big common room, or were there berths?

I think it was the "Casual," great place to chat and drink with other travelers.
Great big room - slept, or perhaps, passed out, in that corner of one of t he big berthing spaces. Important to have a fresh pair of socks. Ready for the road the next day after a rather late arrival of 13:10. More pics soon.
Now that looks like fun

cannot imagine anything better than a slow boat to wherever with a few beers and then a sparkling ride to put the world to rights at the other end ! You lucky man :D

Glad it went well and welcome back....

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