1. Looking for mountain bike in size L

    Wanted Looking for mountain bike in size L

    I'm looking for a mountain bike in decent shape in size L that does not break the bank (my budget is around 100,000–150,000 ¥). It doesn't have to be top spec or be pristine, but should sport reliable components (e. g. Deore or equivalent and up) and be in mechanically good shape. I'd prefer...
  2. small road frame for beginner

    Wanted small road frame for beginner

    I have a student that is riding up a storm on his MTB that is 30 yrs old. His grandfather bought an Araya in 1991. He typically is doing 200-300kms a week!! He is a very good long distance runner and swimmer (prefectural finalist in both) with great endurance. I have shown him triathlon and he...
  3. Roger

    Wanted TCC jersey size small or XS

    Hi everyone! I know this is a long shot, but my girlfriend and I are coming through Tokyo on 25 December to cycle New Zealand. She loves all things Japanese and has been to Tokyo twice for work, so I'm hoping to find a TCC jersey for her. I know they are made only to order, so if anyone out...
  4. Kumachan Ikemen

    Solved Looking for a road frame or bike, 54~56 cm

    Since my current everyday bike got killed by a car I need new one. Being open to any materials and group sets, as well as to old and unmaintained bicycles. Just a frame works too. Please let me know if you have anything for sale.
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