1. C

    Help Folding bikes

    We are a UK couple half way through a year cycle round the world on our airnimals. These bikes have been through Japan, South Korea, Thailand , Cambodia and Malaysia. After 6 months in Asia we landed in New Zealand and within a week, one of our bikes has been stolen. We are now claiming...
  2. smaroukis

    Looking for Campsites Within a Day's Ride of Tokyo - Meguro

    I'm looking to do a two day one night trip out to the mountains and back - from Meguro area. Does anyone have recommendations for routes and places to stay? I'll be camping with a tent. I've definitely been eyeing Ome area but Takao is a bit closer. I don't yet have a bike bag unfortunately so...
  3. Bikepacking Setup for Sale

    For sale Bikepacking Setup for Sale

    Due to a new bike purchase, I am selling my old bike touring set up. It is used but comes with most of the necessary parts, with just the light attachment missing on the bag. This set has seen me cycle around Izu (twice), numerous bike trips for beer (Yokohama central and back), as well as down...
  4. Rear panniers for touring

    Wanted Rear panniers for touring

    Hello dear forum! As we are Planning to tour with my girlfriend in Hokkaido (if we find a bike for her!), I’m after a pair of rear pannier around 2x20L, ortlieb, Vaude... i could buy or rent it as I already have some in Europe. Thanks in advance! Cosme
  5. larsrose

    Tech Is it possible to upgrade a fixie to a touring bike?

    I am considering upgrading my bike to buy a touring bike. However, before end up spending a lot of money on a new bike, I wanted to figure out if I could reconfigure my current fixie to turn it into a simple touring bike. I have a Specizlized Globe Roll II, which has a great frame, but the...
  6. Joe McCarthy

    Joe, Living in Tokyo

    Hi, my name's Joe and I've been living in Tokyo for the last 3 years. I'm 27 and I'm into touring most of all but I also go for day rides on the weekend when I don't have time to travel far. I live very near the Arakawa, so I ride the cycle path quite often. I'd be interested in meeting up...
  7. AARON - SEA

    I want to Bike Tour through Japan...

    Hi, I'm Aaron I'm am a structural engineer and fairly recent University grad based out of Seattle. As the title says I am looking to do a bicycle tour through Japan in the very near future (first route will probably be something like this: Thing is...
  8. J

    Touring Kyushu, Mt. Aso, highlights and road condtions

    Hi all! I've been reading up on Kyushu, and the more I read, the more I want to be there already! I have my bike, a tent and two weeks of free time starting a week from now, when I land in Fukuoka, and I'm looking to make the best of it. I have no desire of turning this into an ironman race...
  9. nishiki2013

    For Sale Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll & frame bag (Ortlieb panniers sold)

    Hello, I'm selling my Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll (drybag included) and Ortlieb Waterproof Classic pannier bags (with handles/straps). Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll - ¥6000 Ortlieb Waterproof Backcity Roller pannier bags ( black/set of 2) - ¥8000 Postage paid buy purchaser on delivery...
  10. Tuomas

    Across Japan 2017

    Hello everyone. I would like to borrow the collective knowledge of the TCC community. On March 2017 (At the moment looking at Sunday 12th) I am planning on embarking on a journey Across Japan. I will start from Okinawa and ultimately would like to reach Wakkanai, but I have no idea about the...
  11. nishiki2013

    Hello, I started a new website back in August showcasing cycling routes, mostly around central Japan. There will be plenty more routes going up this year. If anyone is interested take a look. Thanks. Sean.
  12. RJMang

    2 Route Options: Hirayu Hot Springs to Matsumoto

    I'll be on my (moderately loaded) touring bike, day 6, going from the Hirayu Hot Springs area to Matsumoto. I've mapped out two route options: - option A) via route 158 down to the Matsumoto river valley. This is about 65 km and 775 mt of climbing, but there are a lot of tunnels - option B)...
  13. katakanadian

    Bike check before tour

    Hi! I can change a flat but I'll admit I'm no great mechanic. I'm planning on riding a few thousand clicks this summer but I'm wondering if someone would like to help me assess the road worthiness of my bike. It's been in storage here for 4 years. I got it out yesterday and pumped up the tires...
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