1. Samurai Sports Japan

    Ride Aug 20 7AM: Tottori Ride (140/100/50KM)

    Hey y'all, Most of you won't have planned too far in advance but on the weekend of the 19-20th of August, we have an awesome 140/100/50KM ride planned in Tottori. This isn't a hardcore Tour de Tottori so if you're looking to channel your inner Froome, this probably isn't your jam (also, just...
  2. Samurai Sports Japan

    Samurai Sports Japan

    Hey all! Super new on this forum so I thought I'd quickly introduce myself and tell y'all about the soft launch for Samurai Sports Japan, where we have some cool rides (and other sporting events) open for registration in English. I'm Faith and to be honest - I am not a pure cyclist, I mainly...
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