1. J

    Where should I go (start from Tokyo)

    Hi I am sorry maybe many people already asked this, but it’s always different seasons i start cycling in a month from Tokyo (i plan to drive by train some distance to skip the city) i want to see the countryside! i want to see nature! i don’t care riding mountains up. i’m 23 years old can...
  2. P

    Panasonic Order System (POS) dealer in Tokyo

    I really like the Panasonic FRCC25 and would like to work with a bike shop which is a POS dealer to buy one that I can pick up next time I'm in Japan. For that to work I need a bike shop which I can communicate in English by email. In addition to buying a frameset, I would go Shimano 105...
  3. gwilym

    Best route from Tokyo to Kyoto

    Hi, We are a family from New Zealand (two adults and two young teenagers). Our plan is to stop in Japan on the way to Europe and do a 2 week cycle tour, we'll have all our gear with us as we intend to ride from Italy up to Denmark in Europe. We are very excited to go to Japan for the first...
  4. R

    Help I need help finding a place to sell my bicycle.

    Hi. I habe bought a bine for 34.000 yen 9 days ago. But biking in Tokyo is not for me so I want to sell it. I know that I will recieve a much lower price for my new bike, but I can live with that. Selling online does not seem to work. Can you suggest me a place where I can sell used bikes in...
  5. smaroukis

    Looking for Campsites Within a Day's Ride of Tokyo - Meguro

    I'm looking to do a two day one night trip out to the mountains and back - from Meguro area. Does anyone have recommendations for routes and places to stay? I'll be camping with a tent. I've definitely been eyeing Ome area but Takao is a bit closer. I don't yet have a bike bag unfortunately so...
  6. Go hardcore everywhere on anything

    Go hardcore everywhere on anything

  7. Sakamoto Techno 20-inch Montana Cafe Exterior 6-speed City Bike

    For sale Sakamoto Techno 20-inch Montana Cafe Exterior 6-speed City Bike

    Selling my 6 speed city bike, I bought it from le.cyc in shimokita in December 2019, it's been ridden less than 10 times, it's in perfect condition, comes with bike lock, front light, and front basket. Paid ¥40,000 selling for ¥25,000 frame size: 20 inches make / manufacturer: S-Tech Reason...
  8. Pali Aha

    Touring: Japan (6 mo) to China to S.E. Asia

    Hello. I'm Pali from Hawaii. I live in San Francisco. I drove to Los Angeles and caught the cheapest one way flight, $285, to Japan with my bicycle (2020 Giant Revolt 2, gravel bike). I landed at Shizuoka Airport at 8pm. It closes at 10pm. I pedaled to Shizuoka city. Big adventure. 3...
  9. N

    Help Fukuoka to Tokyo - shortest route by roads

    Hello there! In the weekend I plan to start my bicycle trip from Fukuoka to Tokyo but I have no idea about the route. I need to obtain the shortest way, must be concrete and as flat as possible. I am cycling from Europe and I had no problems to plan route for all countries before for example...
  10. molly

    Ride Sunday (June 24) afternoon Tokyo ride

    Hello all, I'm Molly from Taiwan. I'm visiting Tokyo for business trip and would like to ride and meet with fellow local cyclists. Please advice on: 1. The route recommended, preferably around 50 km 2. Anyone who would like to ride together?
  11. D


    To all of you in Tokyo, I'm hosting an event with a 17min preview of our film TIME TRIAL (with Japanese subtitles) at the Paul Smith SPACE GALLERY on Saturday 23rd March. Invitation attached... ALL WELCOME! Thanks, David
  12. DToro

    Help Mountain Biking Around Tokyo

    Hi, I'm new to the Tokyo area. I'm more of a cross-country mountain biker than a roadie (though I do both). I'm assuming there are some other people on this forum that like to mountain bike as well. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a ride, suggestions on trails, or local groups to...
  13. el forestero

    Wanted inexpensive road or hybrid bike for 185cm-tall man, Tokyo or Izu Peninsula

    Looking for an inexpensive used or new road or hybrid bike to buy online or in person no farther from Izu Peninsula than Tokyo. Not seeing anything on online shops that's appropriate to my height (185cm) and budget (prefer under $200, and definitely no more than $350). Currently keeping an eye...
  14. bhaskara

    Fixie around 5万 in Chiba/Tokyo?

    Hi guys, I just moved in to Chiba last April. Now I want to get a new bike (fixie) for daily commuting and help me losing some weight. Do you guys know any brand that worth to buy around 50000yen(Less is better) and where to buy them? All this time I only look into rakuten, Amazon and brotures...
  15. B

    Visiting Tokyo, looking for jerseys

    I will be visiting Tokyo next week from the US. Looking to purchase a nice jersey and shorts from Japan, hopefully with some Japanese. Have been to Pandani (nice shop)! Any other shops to check out? Also, any good places to rent a bike with a guide for a ride in Tokyo?
  16. A

    Help 60cm+ in Tokyo?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a road bike asap. I've been to a few stores, but haven't had much luck finding any bigger bikes. I'm 195cm tall, 85cm inseam. Any advice on where to look in Tokyo? Anyone on this site selling a bigger bike?? I'm kind of new to cycling, so if I did have to settle for...
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