1. Cycling Kit (assorted items)

    For sale Cycling Kit (assorted items)

    Ignore the price, real prices listed below! I'm moving back to the U.S. and will not be cycling as much as I am now, so I'm looking to sell my cycling kits. Prices are discounted, non-negotiable and I will edit the list in realtime as I sell. Pick-up at Komazawadaigaku. If it's not too weird...
  2. kubatyszko

    For Sale dhb tights L, google android jersey M

    dhb Vaeon Padded Waist Tights size L: http://www.wiggle.com/dhb-vaeon-padded-waist-tights/?sku=5360483607 Wore them a few times and realized that they are too short, acceptable leg length but every 5 min I end up pulling the back up. I bought one size larger and that's perfect. Asking 2500...
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