1. Thomas Giro

    Thomas Giro

  2. Thomas Hillclimb

    Thomas Hillclimb

  3. Thomas Hillclimb

    Thomas Hillclimb

  4. Kazahari-rindo


    Serguei digs deep to finish strong. He rode impressively all day despite having drag-raced Alan W in the mountains the previous day.
  5. Kazahari-rindo


    Thomas feeling fresh at the summit of the tough Kazahari-rindo climb. His first ascent of the hill using a compact crank may also have been his fastest. Welcome to the Compact Club, Thomas!
  6. Sergey and "Turncoat Thomas"

    Sergey and "Turncoat Thomas"

    At the Ramen Shop for lunch. The Yokota guys know this place well too, so the owners must be getting used to large groups of hungry cyclists appearing
  7. Mikuni Toge

    Mikuni Toge

    Thomas and Mike crest the dreaded Mikuni Toge together.
  8. Terror Alert!

    Terror Alert!

    The road at Tomin no Mori was gated off, with the sign on the left reading Terror Alert. Policemen there said they were doing exercises to prepare for the G-8 summit in Hokkaido.
  9. Go Go Thomas

    Go Go Thomas

    Thomas tries to fit into "Go Go Girls" racing uniform - without much success!
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