1. XL TREK FX1 disc 2023

    For sale XL TREK FX1 disc 2023

    Hello I am selling this bike after my half year exchange here. Bought this bike brand new from Y's road because after long search of used XL/XXL bikes in Tokyo I gave up. I am 201cm tall and it was a good bike for me, so if you are tall and coming to Japan to, this is a good deal for you.
    or best offer
  2. kepsux

    (very) tall and in search of a hybrid/crossbike

    Hi. I am fairly new to cycling but have done some miles around Japan here and there on rented and borrowed bikes. That said, I have never done any riding on a bike that fits me and I'm looking to buy one and hitting the same wall I have when looking to buy pants or long sleeve shirts: I'm 6'7"...
  3. el forestero

    Wanted inexpensive road or hybrid bike for 185cm-tall man, Tokyo or Izu Peninsula

    Looking for an inexpensive used or new road or hybrid bike to buy online or in person no farther from Izu Peninsula than Tokyo. Not seeing anything on online shops that's appropriate to my height (185cm) and budget (prefer under $200, and definitely no more than $350). Currently keeping an eye...
  4. A

    Help 60cm+ in Tokyo?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a road bike asap. I've been to a few stores, but haven't had much luck finding any bigger bikes. I'm 195cm tall, 85cm inseam. Any advice on where to look in Tokyo? Anyone on this site selling a bigger bike?? I'm kind of new to cycling, so if I did have to settle for...
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