1. Fumiki-san's mechanical

    Fumiki-san's mechanical

    Cleat would not engage leading to this alternative mode of operation!
  2. Kobu Tunnel

    Kobu Tunnel

    About the only respite from the heat on the whole ride. We hid inside until we had cooled down a bit.
  3. Naomi-san


  4. Andy


  5. Fumiki-san near the country club climb

    Fumiki-san near the country club climb

  6. Group Rolling Along

    Group Rolling Along

  7. Yair descending Wada

    Yair descending Wada

  8. Chasing Fumiki-san and Sergey

    Chasing Fumiki-san and Sergey

    Exposure on the road to the Country Club
  9. Naomi-san and Fumiki-san

    Naomi-san and Fumiki-san

  10. Nariki Survival Tour

    Nariki Survival Tour

    Top of Wada - already suffering in the heat.
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