smart trainer

  1. Bike Training system

    For sale Bike Training system

    Used for two winter seasons. A Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Indoor Bike Trainer (143,000 Yen new) and MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform ($173,000 yen New). They were great during the cold months and were able to link to Swift online cycling program. Now this year i'm going to just suck it up and ride...
  2. Elite Suito Trainer

    For sale Elite Suito Trainer

    Hello! I'm selling my used Elite Suito, as I'm moving to NYC in two months and don't want to have to carry this heavy thing and then struggle to use it in a small dungeon apartment. Link from Y's Road...
  3. Elite Suito - smart direct drive trainer

    For sale Elite Suito - smart direct drive trainer

    Found out indoor riding is not really for me so I am selling my barely used Elite Suito trainer. Used around 20 hours in total, like new. Specifications: Weight...
  4. elite arion digital smart b+ rollers

    For sale elite arion digital smart b+ rollers

    Since bulky I don’t want to ship, but can personally deliver locally if necessary. Pickup preferred. Some minor scratches, sometimes minor noises, but still works well. Changed to a Direct Drive trainer since my wife wanted to do some indoor cycling and didn’t like the rollers. I still prefer...
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