1. M

    Where can I buy cheap road shoes?

    I'm currently visiting Tokyo without any of my bike gear and just got an opportunity to go on a cool road ride. I'd like to buy a relatively inexpensive (< ¥14,000 or so) pair of road (threebolt) shoes. Where in Tokyo should I look? (Can't buy online—ride is in two days.) I'm staying in Ebisu...
  2. Lake CX301 43EU Wide

    For sale Lake CX301 43EU Wide

    Bought those shoes for my wide feet, but even following the measurement instructions on their website, it still doesn`t fit. Length seems fine, but it appears to be a little bit narrower than i think it should be. Just took from the box, tried for a few minutes and put them back. Didn`t even...
  3. kheegster

    Tech Clipless/SPD street shoes?

    Hi all, I'm planning to cycle the ~25km to work semi-regularly, which I refuse to do in a mama-chari. On the other hand, my SPD shoes are a little too sporty to wear around the office. Does anyone know of any shops in Tokyo where I can find some clipless shoes that look like normal...
  4. saibot

    Sold! Brand new Giro Empire SLX

    Recent events have me scrambling for money :cry: So I am selling these Brand new Giro Empire SLX shoes in white, size 44.5 Totally unused, I have tried on my feet and switched out the shoe laces (that I'll include) but cleats have never been mounted) Goes for around 30000yen online (or over...
  5. C

    Bontrager RXL Shoes

    Needing a pair of Euro size 46 shoes, I found a pair of (probably unused) Bontragers as above in a local used bike store. These have a carbon sole and the familiar 2 velcro/1ratchet fastening. Does anyone have any experience with these? I went to my LBS and they told me that Mavic Japan don't...
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