1. S

    Wanted 48-50CM single speed frame

    Hello everyone, Last year I bought a used 2015 Schwinn Cutter to try fixed gear riding. The frame is medium sized and is very big for me. The parts are in good shape though, and have served me well. Rather than immediately getting an entirely new bike, I wanted to see if I could get a...
  2. bhaskara

    Fixie around 5万 in Chiba/Tokyo?

    Hi guys, I just moved in to Chiba last April. Now I want to get a new bike (fixie) for daily commuting and help me losing some weight. Do you guys know any brand that worth to buy around 50000yen(Less is better) and where to buy them? All this time I only look into rakuten, Amazon and brotures...
  3. smokesteam

    For Free 2004 black Schwinn Stingray Spoiler & red Schwinn Stingray 20”

    Two totally unique bikes for FREE!!! All you have to do is take them away. These two bikes are from Schwinn’s 2004 relaunch of the Stingray brand. The Spoiler is a very long chopper with a stitched leather saddle, front and rear disc brakes, a fat rear tire and twin spring front suspension...
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