1. S

    Tech Fizik Saddles

    Hi Can anyone recommend a Tokyo bike shop that knows their 💩 when it comes to Fizik saddles? I ride a Fizik Antares R3 on my road bike and am thinking of either 1) getting a second for a new gravel bike or 2) investigating an alternative that replicates the Antares. I can have a hard time...
  2. rarirureroberto

    Help Bike saddle for indoor training

    This year I have transitioned to an indoor cyclist, mostly using Wahoo's SYSTM platform with a Wahoo Kickr V5. I have been somewhat consistent, but yesterday, I couldn't finish my 1 hour scheduled training, because of saddle discomfort. Friday I have a 2 hour session which I don't want to miss...
  3. Prologo Nago RS STN 134mm

    For sale Prologo Nago RS STN 134mm

    Pickup in Odaiba or Tsukiji/Ginza area.
  4. PRO Stealth Saddle 142mm

    For sale PRO Stealth Saddle 142mm

    Pickup in Odaiba or Tsukiji/Ginza area.
  5. bonpyso

    Solved Specialized S-Works Toupe, 143 (done)

    old model, in good condition; it will be the best if you can pay the postage. It is at Tsukishima.
  6. C

    Help Specialized Avatar BG saddle?

    I found a saddle as above in a local used bike store; claims to be a Ti rail model, not that that really matters to me. Are all Avatar BG saddles gel? I could only find limited info on the web. My last Ti rail saddle was over 25 years ago, a Selle Flight, and boy was that uncomfortable. Not...
  7. saibot

    Sold! SanMarco Concor Carbon FX Saddle

    Been back and forth between my beloved prologo and this saddle for a couple a months now, and in the end the Prologo is more to my rears liking. So selling this very nice Selle sanmarco Concor Carbon FX saddle. It's a weight weenie 134g which is about as light as you can get with a padded...
  8. paberu

    For Sale Brooks Cambium C15 (Rust/Brown)

    Brooks Cambium C15 (Rust/Brown) Size: C15 Colour: Rust/Brown Condition: Used - around 1000km. Price: 11 000 or BO Looking to sell my Cambium C15 in good condition. It has minor fade/darkening/ageing in parts and very small scratches on one of the rivets (had to sit bike upside down for a flat...
  9. Tuomas

    For Sale Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddle with Titanium Rails

    Selling a hardly used Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddle with Titanium Rails Purchased from Wiggle on August 30th for ¥11634. I have ridden maybe 300-400km on it, but it was enough to make me realize it's a tad too harsh on my bottom. Maybe if I was 20kg lighter... Asking 7,000 yen for it...
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