1. mr tim

    Thank you for sharing

    Not sure why I've not noticed it before, but I've just spent an enjoyable hour browsing everyone's ride routes from today under Recent Activity in Strava. Am feeling all motivated and inspired! I'm finding photos of the climbs and coffee shops useful and interesting too, so if you are spending a...
  2. Gravelcycology

    Gravel routes?

    Hi! I used to live in Tokyo but moved back to the US. So I’m familiar with general cycling rules (taking it in a bag on a train etc) and don’t need that part. I’m going to be in Japan for all of June and am bringing my gravel bike fitted with tires suited to gravel and road. I used to ride...
  3. M

    Trip to Tokyo: road bike rentals and routes

    Konichiwa Two friends and I are travelling to Tokyo in November and would like to go on a day trip with road bikes if we are lucky with the weather. I can't find any place to rent road bikes, can you recommend something for us, or is this rather difficult in Tokyo? Maybe you wouldn't recommend...
  4. Joe McCarthy

    Best train lines to the mountains

    I'm compiling a list of some of the best train lines that go from central Tokyo out to the mountains. The criteria are: 1. Should be a single line that takes you to within a few kilometers of a mountain range. No changes unless they're really easy (walk across the platform) 2. Should leave from...
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