1. olykoek

    Ride Jan 3 (or4th) 2021 Miura/Misaki ride

    Planning a ride from Fujisawa or Zushi to Misaki port. →Oppama, Kannonzaki, Misaki, back up the west side of Miura peninsula to Zushi.. and beyond? Fujisawa to Fujisawa loop will be 100km.. maybe. So far, I think Jon Mitchell plans to ride... Anyone else?
  2. Musashi13

    Sold! Castelli Espresso 3 Jacket (8000JPY)

    I haven't used this for a season as it is too big for me. It is in pristine condition and thing to behold. I really do like it but it is surplus to requirements and would be better serving someone else's needs. As with all Castelli products you tend to need to size up to get a good fit and I...
  3. Premium7

    Help Roppongi and cross

    all, A short thread. Looking for training partner(s) in Roppongi. Looking for good tempo rides and more structured training. Would also be happy for a good strong group for long weekend rides. Also....want to get racing cross. Anyone who will be traveling to races I would love to chat about...
  4. A

    Help 60cm+ in Tokyo?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a road bike asap. I've been to a few stores, but haven't had much luck finding any bigger bikes. I'm 195cm tall, 85cm inseam. Any advice on where to look in Tokyo? Anyone on this site selling a bigger bike?? I'm kind of new to cycling, so if I did have to settle for...
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