1. olykoek

    Ride Jan 3 (or4th) 2021 Miura/Misaki ride

    Planning a ride from Fujisawa or Zushi to Misaki port. →Oppama, Kannonzaki, Misaki, back up the west side of Miura peninsula to Zushi.. and beyond? Fujisawa to Fujisawa loop will be 100km.. maybe. So far, I think Jon Mitchell plans to ride... Anyone else?
  2. nrtmtb

    Greetings, from MTBer in Tokyo

    Greetings fellow cyclists, I've been living in Tokyo for a few years now, but last year dusted off my MTB (started finding time to get away from child rearing) and been doing some riding in the Ome area. I've been mostly going alone. While the trails are super fun out there, still makes it a...
  3. M

    2 weeks in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) where to ride

    Hi friends, I'm starting to plan my trip to Japan at the end of February and have convinced myself that I should bring my bike. There are two things though which daunt me and cause me to hesitate so am hoping that the friendly faces here can provide some insight. 1. Getting from Airport to my...
  4. Arpad

    Tokyo rides from Central Tokyo Sat 30 of Sept

    thank you for the add I will be in Tokyo staying at the Park Hotel Tokyo I am looking for some long rides for Saturday and Sunday. Probably a bit shorter on Sunday and around 130-150km on Saturday. Thinking about heading out west. Not sure about traffic etc but average speed would probably be...
  5. p_gebing

    Ride Anyone riding in the area of Nishitokyo?

    Hey everyone, I've arrived in Tokyo last week and finally managed to get hold of a second-hand road bike. I was wondering if there's anyone riding in Nishitokyo or in the proximity (e.g. Nerima, Musashino, etc.). Looking forward to riding alongside some of you. Best regards, Pascal
  6. Alec Snow

    Help New here

    Hey, I'm new to the area and would love to find more people to ride with... well really to show me around. I'm willing ride just about anywhere in any weather. I ride fixed i know its loony out here but im not dumb, but it keeps me focused. Any one willing to show a new guy around hit me up.
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