1. molly

    Ride Sunday (June 24) afternoon Tokyo ride

    Hello all, I'm Molly from Taiwan. I'm visiting Tokyo for business trip and would like to ride and meet with fellow local cyclists. Please advice on: 1. The route recommended, preferably around 50 km 2. Anyone who would like to ride together?
  2. Adam Cobain

    RideJapan and the #worldeverestingproject

    Ladies and Gents. We are hoping the cycling tan-lines are strong as we head deep into summer. The cicadas are at their peak and a weave into the shade is the best line to take. This is a callout as something epic is happening on the 14th and 16th August on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. RideJapan...
  3. Adam Cobain

    RideJapan Support Driver Required

    Do you love all things bike? Do you love visiting new places? Do you have a driving license and a week to spare? Then contact RideJapan today ([email protected]) www.ridejapan.org We need a support car driver from the 28th July (Starting in Takasaki - 1 hour north of Tokyo) until the 04...
  4. Adam Cobain


    Ladies & Gents, Welcome to Three Peaks Fuji 2016. The latest one day classic from RideJapan. On the 4th September 2016, one massive cycling odyssey awaits. We would like think of this event as the toughest single day cycling challenge in Japan and it is designed to be a near impossible test...
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