renault enduro sodeguara

  1. Top 6 mixed team finishers

    Top 6 mixed team finishers

  2. On the Podium!

    On the Podium!

  3. Victory!


    Only 4 seconds ahead of the second placed team
  4. Finished!


    Still smiling after 5 hours in the rain!
  5. Keep Pushing!

    Keep Pushing!

    Head down and going hard during my second stint on track
  6. Naomi-san out on track

    Naomi-san out on track

    "5 laps to go" signal
  7. Strung Out

    Strung Out

    Turning to face the strong headwind
  8. Out on Track

    Out on Track

    In amongst a group. Drenched with spray from below and rain from above.
  9. 00:00


    Clock starts - we roll!
  10. On the Starting Line

    On the Starting Line

    Ready to roll and lined up at the front of the grid.
  11. What'choo want..?!

    What'choo want..?!

    No more Mr. Nice Guy! Preparing to race.
  12. Pit Area

    Pit Area

    Our base for the race - luckily under a roof!
  13. Rain & Grey Skies at the Renault 6-Wheel Enduro

    Rain & Grey Skies at the Renault 6-Wheel Enduro

    5 hour Enduro race at Sodegaura Forest Race Track. Weather was like this all day.
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