1. Cycling Kit (assorted items)

    For sale Cycling Kit (assorted items)

    Ignore the price, real prices listed below! I'm moving back to the U.S. and will not be cycling as much as I am now, so I'm looking to sell my cycling kits. Prices are discounted, non-negotiable and I will edit the list in realtime as I sell. Pick-up at Komazawadaigaku. If it's not too weird...
  2. TheAussieinJapan

    Ride Rapha Festive 500 2021 - What's your plan this year with ongoing Covid-19 risks/concerns?

    Hi all, Just wanted to put this out there for everyone in a season that it’s easy to avoid the bike, the elements and the cold hands that come with it. https://www.rapha.cc/jp/en_AU/stories/festive-500 Started by someone at Rapha, who actually rode 1000km over the 8 days, here’s their spiel...
  3. N

    Help New Year Resolution - Aiming for my first ride in Tokyo (on Saturday 1/11)

    Hey guys! I am visiting from the US with work and planning on hiring a bike from Rapha for a ride this Saturday. However, as it happens I cannot join the group ride as I don't have a bike bag. So I am hoping to get some recommendations on routes or group rides I could join? Thanks all nishant
  4. Streetviper

    For Sale Various clothing, parts and accessories

    1. SILCA PHONE WALLET, new, 5500¥ 2. MORVELO TOKYO FIXED CC DEATH SPRAY CUSTOMS cycling kit jersey size S, bib shorts size M (fits like S) pre-owned 12000¥ 3. RAPHA CLUB JERSEY, colorway fig, size S, used, 6000¥ 4. CADENCE GRID cycling kit, pre-owned, all size S, 15000¥ 5. MAVIC TRI RACE...
  5. saibot

    Sold! Rapha pro team aero jersey

    *sold! have this rapha pro team aero jersey from last season for sale. Size M in the "Coral" color way. Excellent condition! Tight race cut with longer sleeves for those aero gains. Don`t remember what I paid for it last year, but the current Aero jersey is ¥23,500. sold
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