1. TheAussieinJapan

    Ride Rapha Festive 500 2021 - What's your plan this year with ongoing Covid-19 risks/concerns?

    Hi all, Just wanted to put this out there for everyone in a season that it’s easy to avoid the bike, the elements and the cold hands that come with it. https://www.rapha.cc/jp/en_AU/stories/festive-500 Started by someone at Rapha, who actually rode 1000km over the 8 days, here’s their spiel...
  2. N

    Help New Year Resolution - Aiming for my first ride in Tokyo (on Saturday 1/11)

    Hey guys! I am visiting from the US with work and planning on hiring a bike from Rapha for a ride this Saturday. However, as it happens I cannot join the group ride as I don't have a bike bag. So I am hoping to get some recommendations on routes or group rides I could join? Thanks all nishant
  3. Streetviper

    For Sale Various clothing, parts and accessories

    1. SILCA PHONE WALLET, new, 5500¥ 2. MORVELO TOKYO FIXED CC DEATH SPRAY CUSTOMS cycling kit jersey size S, bib shorts size M (fits like S) pre-owned 12000¥ 3. RAPHA CLUB JERSEY, colorway fig, size S, used, 6000¥ 4. CADENCE GRID cycling kit, pre-owned, all size S, 15000¥ 5. MAVIC TRI RACE...
  4. saibot

    Sold! Rapha pro team aero jersey

    *sold! have this rapha pro team aero jersey from last season for sale. Size M in the "Coral" color way. Excellent condition! Tight race cut with longer sleeves for those aero gains. Don`t remember what I paid for it last year, but the current Aero jersey is ¥23,500. sold
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