1. Panasonic "Crazy Boys" Road Bike

    For sale Panasonic "Crazy Boys" Road Bike

    Mid 90s Panasonic steel frame road bike. I couldn't turn up much info about what appears to be the model name "Crazy Boys" on the top tube. I'm 179cm tall and I felt reasonably comfortable on it although I probably wouldn't recommend it for anyone much taller than me. Full Shimano RX100 group...
  2. Pending sale. Panasonic FRCC02 Road Bike

    For sale Pending sale. Panasonic FRCC02 Road Bike

    I have a Panasonic bicycle packed in a warehouse in Tokyo. I was initially intending to ship the whole bicycle to Singapore but shipping is just too expensive(Oversize fees/taxes- ~1500-1800$sgd) for this purchase to make sense. Seller does not accept returns, hence I am trying to sell this off...
  3. Panasonic Track Bike + Parts

    For trade Panasonic Track Bike + Parts

    I am planning a large off-road adventure in Canada next September and I need to get a new bike to suit the conditions. I would love to just go n+1 on this but am out of space. This bike is very special to me and has treated me really well but it doesn't get a lot of use these days. Ideally all...
  4. White Fury

    White Fury

    Jules' rad Panasonic steed. He was cold downtube-shiftin' in the big hills, baby.
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