1. Rear panniers for touring

    Wanted Rear panniers for touring

    Hello dear forum! As we are Planning to tour with my girlfriend in Hokkaido (if we find a bike for her!), I’m after a pair of rear pannier around 2x20L, ortlieb, Vaude... i could buy or rent it as I already have some in Europe. Thanks in advance! Cosme
  2. nishiki2013

    For Sale Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll & frame bag (Ortlieb panniers sold)

    Hello, I'm selling my Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll (drybag included) and Ortlieb Waterproof Classic pannier bags (with handles/straps). Blackburn Outpost Handlebar Roll - ¥6000 Ortlieb Waterproof Backcity Roller pannier bags ( black/set of 2) - ¥8000 Postage paid buy purchaser on delivery...
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