1. Two Maxxis MTB tyres (27.5 size)

    For sale Two Maxxis MTB tyres (27.5 size)

    I got two MTB tires, almost new, looking to let go of. initially got them for my gravel bike, but these were a complete overkill for the type of riding I do, so they've been gathering dust under the bed for the past year or so. there cannot be more than 1-200 kms on them, mostly paved, grass or...
  2. SJ1

    Wanted Wanted: 29er MTB

    My old santa cruz chameleon and it’s 26” wheels doesn’t inspire much off-road confidence anymore... Looking to spend <100,000 (if possible) on a more modern bike. I’m 180cm tall. Just want something that would let me hit the trails once a month or so. hard tail. Fully rigid could also work...
  3. MTB wanted

    Wanted MTB wanted

    Looking for the following: ・hard tail MTB ・size to suit 185 to 190cm tall rider ・aluminium or carbon ・disc brakes ・budget 100,000 yen or less Please contact me if you have anything available. Photo was a necessity for some reason... Cheers, Andy
  4. DToro

    Help Mountain Biking Around Tokyo

    Hi, I'm new to the Tokyo area. I'm more of a cross-country mountain biker than a roadie (though I do both). I'm assuming there are some other people on this forum that like to mountain bike as well. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a ride, suggestions on trails, or local groups to...
  5. tomoroz

    Help Cycle shop Tokyo for MTB

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and new to Tokyo. So there are a few things I have to sort out in my life as a cyclist. I have read with interest your post recommending cycling shops in Tokyo and will sure check them out, e.g. Positivo. However, I have noticed that most of you guys seem...
  6. Titus on Baigo DH

    Titus on Baigo DH

    Full on Downhill Mode
  7. Stream Crossing

    Stream Crossing

    Slip-sliding over the rocks
  8. Hammerhead 100X

    Hammerhead 100X

    Hammerhead (made by Titus), still flying along after 5 years!
  9. Sedona, Arizona: The Teacup Trail

    Sedona, Arizona: The Teacup Trail

    Christmas 2004
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